Top 7 Famous Dishes In Autumn In Japan You Should Not Ignore

Known as the land of the rising sun, Japan captivated people because cherry blossoms exploded in the sun. The best is still the autumn days, the maple leaves gradually turn yellow with a little red. But not only that, because you will be crazy with the top 7 famous dishes in autumn in Japan very special.


As a dish made from an expensive mushroom, Matsutake Dobin Mushi is very popular among Japanese people.

In autumn, this mushroom is harvested, so you will enjoy the fresh taste.

This mushroom soup has a sweet taste of broth, then a blend of shrimp, seaweed, chicken, ... The appetite is extremely delicious, the pieces of masutake mushroom are sweet and tough enough.

The second dish of famous autumn dishes in Japan is sanma No Shioyaki or also called grilled saury.
The mackerel in this dish is a Pacific saury, caught off Hokkaido on autumn days.
Grilled Saury is one of the specialties of Japan that you cannot ignore. When finished, fish meat is usually very delicious and has a little fat.
In the fall, this dish is more and more popular than ever, it is served with radish, soy sauce and a glass of sake to lighten the daily meals of Japanese people.

Speaking of autumn fruits, it's missing if you don't mention Persimmon. Shibui khaki is a type of persimmon. When the harvest is finished, Japanese people often peel, sun-dry, so the acrid taste will disappear and the persimmon will gradually sweeten.
Japanese people often process it by drying it up, then use it with a hot tea cup. According to them, such a taste would be great.

The chestnuts are roasted hot, the smell is fragrant and smells all over the streets. If you enjoy it with a Kuri Manfu cake - this cake is also made from chestnut, rice and some other ingredients. That would be more delicious. Roasted chestnuts are one of the top 7 famous autumn dishes in Japan, which is the solution to help you sip in cold autumn days.

Listening to the name seems very interesting, but it is a meaning, but not simple. This new rice dish is made from rice grains in the first rice bowl in autumn in Japan. That is the new rice of that year. The new rice will be different from the old rice, it is usually sweeter, more fragrant and more flexible. Eating on you will know right away. Shinmai is often cooked with mushrooms, chestnuts, sweet potatoes or ginkgo seeds only in autumn. This is also a very special dish in the top 7 famous dishes in Japan.

Unlike other autumn-specific dishes in Japan, Japanese hotpot can be used in all seasons. But the best time is the autumn or winter days. Then the weather will be cold.
Hotpot dishes are then heated in the pot, served with a variety of things like beef, shrimp, vegetables, tofu, noodles, ... depending on the preferences of each person.

On autumn days, in Japan you can easily find grilled sweet potatoes anywhere. It will be extremely interesting when you enjoy this hot roasted sweet potato walking around the streets during those cold days. Baked sweet potato is also one of the top 7 famous dishes in Japan that Japanese people recommend you should not ignore.

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