Top 10 Foods Must Be Eating On Seoul

Are you going to travel to Korea, to Seoul, but don't know what to eat? Refer immediately to 10 best dishes when traveling to Seoul!

1.Chicken stew with ginseng

This dish is too famous. Old or young, adults or children have to try once. This dish is very familiar, stewed chicken with ginseng, red apple and chestnut. Most people will eat at Myeongdong, but few people know that there is another good place, Gyeonbuk-gung. You can go to Tosokchon Samgyetang, exit 2 of Gyeongbokgung Station, so go early to avoid queuing.

2. Barbecue

This dish has appeared a lot on the movie already, almost every movie will have a scene where the actor is eating hot barbecue, drinking beer with a chat with friends. Appears from the sidewalk to the luxury restaurants, but according to the experience of the tourists, the sidewalk is as simple as the more delicious. Barbecue pieces of meat are both thick and fragrant. You can go to Jongcak and eat as much as you can.

3. Stewed pork leg 

This delicious dish is famous in Korea, everyone knows. Its variations like grilled with cheese are delicious. The pork leg in the Hongdae area is very good, the 9th exit turns left at the fifth exit, walks a little further when you see Miss Chokbal coming. A meal if you eat 3-4 people is not too expensive.

4.Grilled pig's guts

Grilled pig’s guts, grilled pork stomach in Korea is very different from other countries. Pig's guts are crispy, thick and fragrant. Especially in Korea, it is very fond of pigtail. The address suggests that you visit Konkuk University or Wangsimni to eat, make sure you eat deliciously forget the way back.

5. Live octopus

There is quite a lot of controversy about this. But finally, try it once in your life. Eating this dish in Noryangjin is quite okay, watching it move in a bowl of soy sauce, while eating, the tentacles clinging to the tongue. a little scared but quite fun.

6. "Eat like a king"

Movie viewers have found that the tables of ancient Korean kings had a lot of dishes, many small plates, only a small amount of food for each small plate. These dishes are not very meaty or protein but they are extremely nutritious, the whole ingredients are clean and presented very eye-catching. This type of food is very suitable for eating with family, eating and enjoying and learning more about Korean culture. Traditional restaurants in Insadong still keep this type of dining.

7. Braised chicken in Andong

This dish in Myeondong is extremely famous, originating from Andong province in Korea. In winter, when you travel to Seoul, gathering friends together to enjoy this dish is great. Braised chicken in andong has a hot spicy taste, so there is usually a radish bowl of water served with a spicy taste. Remember to put this on the list of items to try.

8. Black noodles

Call this legendary Korean dish probably not wrong. From people, students to public people, everyone loves this dish. The identity of this dish is that it is ... black, but the addictive level is extremely high. The more popular restaurants or large restaurants are, especially the area around the schools is very much, it is very cheap.

9.Marrow soup

These shops are open 24 hours a day, are everywhere, the soup is very rich, the bone is large, the inside is full of fat marrow. This dish does not have any Korean people do not know, in addition to sober while we drunk, it also very nutritious. Extremely affordable price.

10. Mixed rice bibimbap

This is a national dish. Mixed rice has 2 types: hot and cold. Hot types have meat and mushrooms, often cooked in cast iron pots. Cold mixed rice is contained in aluminum bowls, mainly vegetables and chili sauce, very suitable for those who like vegetarian. This classic dish is very cheap, is available anywhere, easy to find, easy to eat.

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