10  special food of Thai you are won't be missed

Not only is the country famous for its beautiful tourist destinations and attracting with many tourists, Thai special food are extremely gifts. When traveling in this country, you may wonder if you should eat and  buy  gift for your family, here are suggestions to help you solve that problem.

1. Tom Yum
This is a Thai dish that is considered to be a famous specialty of Thailand. In 2011, this dish was voted and ranked 8 out of the top 50 most delicious dishes in the world by CNN. Prepared from the main material is shrimp and squid accompanied by the pungent taste of chili, rinse, a little sour of lemon. This is a dish that you should not ignore when coming to Thailand.

This is one of the best Thai specialties in the world

2. Grilled fish with salt
Grilled fish is a fairly popular dish in Thai streets. Making this dish is quite simple. Fish when cleaned will be wrapped with a layer of grain salt, then baked on the fetus. After ripe, remove the salt layer you will enjoy the fragrant white fish and very charming. Usually the price of this item will be extra

3. Thai Hot Pot
Thai hotpot is a combination of spicy chilli, sweet spice from bone stewed water, pungent of pepper. Along with that is the freshness of dipped items from seafood, beef, mushrooms. If you have a chance or taste the authentic Thai hot pot here. There will be very specific flavors.

4. Thai Pate
Besides the familiar dishes, this is considered a Thai specialty. Made from quite simple ingredients such as dried shrimp, fried noodles, eggs, tofu, tamarind sauce ... there are stalls with extra squid or shrimp. Simple but this is a very special dish that attracts tourists but the price is very cheap only about $2.

5. Grilled Skewers
This is probably the most popular Thai street food for tourists because of its variety and appeal. Thai baked goods are diverse, ranging from important foods such as sausages, fish, meat, to vegetables or animal organs. In this booth perhaps the most favorite dish is still grilled pork served with sticky rice.

6. Coconut sticky cream
If you are wandering in bustling markets or you're tired of visiting fascinating places. Maybe this is the time you need a glass of coconut cream to cool off. The glass of coconut cream made from fatty coconut milk is decorated with the dried fruits, or the peanut seeds peanut will soothe your heat and fatigue before.

7. Fried rice
Frice will be the optimal choice for you, help you have more energy to continue the journey to explore this place. Fried rice here is made from a variety of ingredients from pork, chicken to fresh seafood. The price is also very reasonable, only from $2-$3, you have a good taste of fried fried rice.


8. Tong Yip,Tong Yord, Foi Tong
Prepared from egg yolks kneaded with sugar powder. These dishes have a bright yellow color with all shapes from fiber, spherical winch, or more specifically, beautiful little flowers. It is also because of such different shapes that their names are also different.

9. Milk tea
Milk tea also a popular drink in Thailand. Usually, milk tea here is orange because it is made from pink tea and milk. Milk here also plays a very important part in creating the greasy taste of tea. Walking in neighborhoods in Thailand you can easily see them anywhere.

10. Grilled coconut
Referring to a particularly delicious dish but is quite simple to prepare, it must mention the grilled coconut of the Thai people. The coconuts here will be taken to grill to make the coconut water inside more sweet, then go to chill then we have a delicious drink already. You only have to pay 1 USD for a delicious grilled coconut. Enjoy it now.

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