10 European Cities With The Most Extremely Autumn

If you have the opportunity to come to Europe to collect, there is nothing better to walk in the cool air of autumn and admire the romantic scenery of the trees replacing the leaves, the ancient citadel hidden under the trees. Here are 10 European cities with the most brilliant autumn, each with a very special collection of colors that captivates visitors.

1. Cumbria, England

The 'Lake District' in Cumbria, England has already possessed the impressive landscape of the lakes and mountains surrounding it, and it makes it more spectacular. This is one of the ideal places to visit and admire the autumn colors of England in the magnificent Grizedale Forest, green pine hills and ancient oak trees. You can also visit a roadside pub to sip some beer or local cider.

2. Perthshire, Scotland

Perthshire or more commonly known as Big Trees Country has always been named as one of the cities with the most brilliant European autumn. Coming here to collect, you will not be overwhelmed by the poetic scenery of streams and clear rivers reflecting the colors of the leaves covered in the hills. Some of the best autumn spots in Perthshire are Loch Tummel, Killiecrankie Pass and Knock Hill. Especially if walking to the top of Knock hill, you will reach an ideal observatory that can see the whole and the northern highlands.

3. Bruges, Belgium
Coming to this medieval city in the autumn of Europe, the romantic setting of dark red and gold grapes wrapped around historic buildings or the channels of colorful leaves quietly floats, helping Bruges deserves to be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe during the leaf replacement season. Make sure you don't miss the flea markets, famous chocolates or hot cocoa at De Proeverie.

4. Piedmont, Italy 
Fall, especially in October, is the peak season for food and wine in Italy. So come here you not only enjoy the typical atmosphere of autumn Europe, admire the poetic scenery of the northwestern region surrounded by Alps, but also can enjoy grapes, mushrooms, chestnut, chocolate ... or impressive cultural and culinary festivals.

5. Dubrovnik, Croatia 
This beautiful city along the Mediterranean coast is also a great place to enjoy the beauty of European autumn in Croatia. At this time of year, the weather is still warm, there is no heat of summer and the weather is pleasant. On this occasion, you can freely immerse yourself in the beautiful beaches without fear of long lines of tourists or expensive prices, travel costs in Dubrovnik and Croatia in the fall are also lower than in many coastal cities. Other sea in Europe.

6. Bavaria, Germany
In the south of Germany, you will find the best landscapes of Europe's fall, the new leaf-colored forests in the Alps, the snow-capped peaks and the countryside. Picturesque peaceful countryside. Autumn is also the season of famous beer and wine festivals in Germany like Oktoberfest and outdoor activities. Here, you can not only visit wineries, wander the horse-drawn carriage or Alps, but also discover old castles and palaces like Neuschwanstein castle, palace Electric Linderhof, Nuremberg castle and Burghausen castle.

7. Prague, Czech Republic
One of the reasons you should go to Prague in autumn is because it is the ideal time to get away from the noisy, bustling of other high-season tourist seasons, as well as enjoy the cool, mild weather of autumn. Europe. Take a walk to watch the sunset on Castle Hill, you will take in the view of the beautiful city scenery as a painting, the red roof houses are all mixed with towering towers on the green nuance leaves..., gold, crimson, a truly unforgettable scene. Don't forget to enjoy local cuisine and sip some Czech beer.

8. Wicklow, Ireland
Ireland's Wicklow Mountains are an ideal place to visit year-round, however on the fall days of September, the sky in Wicklow is very green and the trees put on bright yellow coats. Not only can you admire the charming scenery of waterfalls or quiet rivers, you can also visit historic sites like Glendalough or sip a glass of water on the side of the fire.

9. Aragon, Spain

Located in northeastern Spain, Aragon also has a romantic fall that captivates visitors, where you can see the most beautiful autumn here: Ordesa National Park and Monte Perdido. You can take a walk under the yellow and red trees, watch the spectacular waterfalls and accidentally touch the wild deer hovering over the dry leaves.

10. Budapest, Hungary

With summer temperatures often reaching more than 30ºC, by the end of October, the weather in Budapest became extremely mild. This is the perfect time to wander the streets watching autumn, discover cozy cafés or soak up Hungarian festivals of drinks and local cuisine. You can also visit nearby wine regions to experience the harvest in Eger, Tokaj or Villany, or drive to the Danube Bend to admire the sprawling fall colors.


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