24h Discovery Japanese Food in Tokyo

Some people say, you can only understand and enjoy the full Tokyo cuisine once you really set foot in this city only.

Known as the culinary super city in the world, shops in Tokyo are always the focus of gourmets because of the typical dishes of this land such as sushi, ramen noodles, tamago-yaki - roll omelet, Grilled fish cake or enjoy a warm cup of tea in a space with traditional Japanese architectural style. Spend a day exploring the charm of Japanese cuisine and feel the gentle sounds of the Japanese life.


When it comes to Japanese cuisine in general, we definitely cannot ignore sushi restaurants, or tamago-yaki - roll omelet, the typical dish of the sunrise cuisine is always chosen by Tokyo people. choose to serve breakfast. In addition, in the cold season, breakfast dishes of the people here often have a habit of having tea to enjoy rice. And this delicious rice dish has officially become a favorite dish all over Japan. In addition, Japanese breakfast cannot be missed without miso soup. Miso soup for breakfast is usually tofu soup, vegetable soup or seaweed.
Light meals between morning

You can visit Naniwaya Sohonten. Opened in 1909, Naniwaya Sohonten is home to the famous taiyaki fish cake. The main ingredient of bread is flour with azuki red bean paste. This type of cake is made from a specialized fish mold and has a very sweet characteristic. Over time, taiyaki has become a traditional dish in Japanese cuisine and is an indispensable snack cake on traditional holidays here.

If you have the opportunity, catch the train to Azabu-Juban station. This is a small district of Tokyo, famous for some of the best coffee shops, restaurants and specialty shops of the country of the rising sun. 


Ramen noodles are always considered one of the most delicious dishes of Japanese cuisine. The "main star" in Japanese lunch is definitely this noodle. What makes Ramen more popular than the countless other types of noodles in Japan is in the broth. The broth is mainly stewed from pork bones or chicken bones for at least 10 hours to ensure the sweetness and boldness. In addition to small noodles, chewy and rich broth, the supplement is equally attractive, usually Ramen is served with thin sliced pork, seaweed, eggs, Japanese fish paste, corn and cabbage.

In addition, Japanese people often eat yakizakana (grilled fish), tonkatsu (pork cutlet), or nikujaga (sweet and sour casserole). Sometimes Japanese people will change to karaage (fried chicken).


Restaurants with an interesting mix of traditional and modern styles will be considered the first choice of Japanese people for a dinner. Japanese cuisine with traditional izakaya style dishes, including kushiyaki (grilled meat and skewers), handmade soba (buckwheat noodles), various donburi dishes (dishes served with rice), tempura (fried vegetables and seafood), ... Also, enjoying Japanese beers and wines during dinner is also a way to enhance the flavor of the dish.

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