Discover Las Vegas one day in May

Rarely is there anywhere in the world that makes you excited to spend money and can immerse yourself in the vibrant entertainment of Las Vegas. In the most magnificent city in the United States, where you can just play, try and run red and black, you have to join the festivals all night without being bored.

Las Vegas, in the US State of Nevada, is known as a world-class entertainment capital. It is not only a bright destination for American travel enthusiasts but also a paradise of relaxation, art and cuisine with excellent service quality. Las Vegas, apart from the world's largest hotel and casino entertainment complexes, is also a place to gather attractive destinations for tourists because of the grandiose and originality of theaters and performance stages. lavish commercial center.

The most attractive place in Las Vegas is the Casino, with famous and famous casinos around the world. Here, each Casino is a miniature city, recreating almost all the characteristics of each locality such as Casino Paris with the Eiffel Tower and the artists singing in the street; Casino Venice with a poetic green river, Gondola rowers carrying lovers to stroll; Wynn Casino with tropical garden and desert waterfall; or Luxor Casino with a unique and attractive Pyramid architecture.

In addition to the most luxurious casinos, hotels, resorts, this sleepless city also welcomes you with many famous destinations that are nowhere to be found. Bellagio fountain with unique performances of sprinklers will spray up with colorful colors, blending with lively music. Or sit on a boat along the Colorado River to admire the Grand Canyon which is considered one of the seven natural wonders of the world.

You should not miss the opportunity to visit Shark Reef Aquarium, visit the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Stratosphere tower, walk at Red Rock Canyon, or visit the Mafia museum. And one of Las Vegas' other attractions is the spectacular art shows. The night here is really lively with colorful plays, a wonderful combination of many unique art forms that can't be found anywhere in the world outside Las Vegas.

If you are a lover of travel and love to explore cuisine, it is impossible not to know the rich diversity of American cuisine when gathering enough quintessence from the cuisine of many countries around the world. In particular, in the lavish city like Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of delicious and attractive dishes of chefs from many different countries. It is no coincidence that Las Vegas was voted among the top 10 most delicious cities on the planet. Here, you will be very hard to resist with specialties from many countries, processed in restaurants or street food, with many different prices to satisfy your choice.

You can enjoy shopping at the most luxurious commercial centers such as Forum Shops, Fashion Show Mall, Grand Canal Shoppes ... With hundreds of high-end fashion brands of famous brands from Pucci, Victoria's Secret, Christian Dior ... This will definitely be the ideal tourist destination for believers who love brands of famous brands in the world.

Night parties, expensive resorts or city glamor have created a brand for Las Vegas. Here most visitors come here overwhelmed by the lavish, magnificent views of the city without sleeping, especially enjoying a great dinner at famous restaurants. Las Vegas is a great experience that we must at least try once in a lifetime.


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