Grilled Russian barbecue
The grilled filet is convenient, but the aroma and flavor cannot be delicious and typical when using charcoal grill. More especially, this recipe is marinated with a Russian spice powder that will produce a grilled meat that has a charming fragrance and a sweet salty taste.
Stir-fried pork belly with pickled cabbage
Clean pork cut into small pieces and eat. Minced sauerkraut. Marinate 10gr minced onion, 1 tablespoon seasoning seeds, 1 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon fish sauce, 1/2 teaspoon ground pepper. Marinate 15 minutes for meat to absorb spices.
11 Famous Food in India
Referring to Indian cuisine, the first impression is probably hot, spicy and nutritious. Indian cuisine is extremely diverse and rich not only in terms of ingredients, processing but also in seasonings. Let's discover 11 famous dishes in Indian cuisine!
Cabbage chicken salad
Boiled chicken with crushed ginger. Wait for the water to boil then simmer, boil until the chicken has just cooked.Put the meat on a plate to cool and then tear the piece to taste.
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