Roast meat with garlic and chao sauce

•    Pork 500 gr (Filet) 
•    Garlic: 30 gr 
•    Scallions: 20 gr 
•    Ginger: 5 gr
•    50 gr honey  
•    Chao sauce: 2 teaspoons  
•    Soy sauce: 15 ml 
•    White wine: 15 ml (rice wine)  
•    Salt: 3 gr

Step 1:

Garlic, green onions, ginger chopped and then put into a blender with rice wine, salt, and colander.

Smoothly mash the mixture.

Pork tenderloin meat is washed, drained, then marinated in the chao sauce just prepared, soaked for 3 hours.

Put the meat on a baking tray, brush a layer of honey on top with a brush.

Step 2:

Open the oven at 180 degrees C, put the meat in the grill for 20 minutes

Then take out a sweep of honey and return the oven for another 15 minutes to make the meat tender and crispy.

If you take the meat, cut it into pieces and eat it.

Step 3:

Grilled garlic with delicious, delicious flavor, crispy outside meat, soft and succulent inside, deeply flavored with spices, not dry.

This weekend is free for you to make it easy for the whole family to enjoy or treat your friends.

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