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Phoenix Ancient Town is a small town in China, the address of the ancient phoenix town of Fenghuang County, Zhou autonomous people of the landlord, a man in the west of Hunan, China.

Phoenix Ancient Town is one of the remaining Chinese towns and it still retains the history that people often see in Chinese martial arts films. It now houses many old citadels and blocks of old houses that can be seen as cultural museums with the age of up to 1300 years. When coming here, visitors will enjoy a peaceful setting with a harmonious combination of nature, in the middle of the mountains and rivers, which will create a stunning scenery, a peaceful and quiet space.

The most suitable time to go to Phoenix Ancient Town

The right time for you to visit Phoenix Ancient Town is the summer months from May to November. This is a cool climate, clear landscape, suitable for visiting, walking through the children. 1300 years old town and for those who like to take virtual living pictures. However, since this is a tourist season, visitors will inevitably be overcrowded and overcrowded, especially in the first week of May (the International Labor Holiday), the first week of October (National holiday Chinese Tour) and Mid-Autumn Festival.

The winter-spring months from December to April, the climate is relatively harsh, erratic sun and rain will affect your travel schedule. However, this is not the tourist season, so the price of tickets and room rates are also cheaper, visitors will also feel comfortable, not being hustled and noisy. In addition, at this time, Phoenix Ancient Town had snow, ice melted so the landscape was very different.

Vehicles in Phoenix Ancient Town

  • Walking: Phoenix Ancient Town has a lot of bridges across the river as well as small and small streets. So walking will help you actively visit the old house, browse the colorful markets and stop to enjoy the specialties of the old town at any time.
  • Taxi: The road in the steep-sided Phoenix Ancient Town should walk quite easily, but you can still call a taxi if you want to tour faster. Taxi around the city to the ancient city about 10-20 yuan.
  • Boat trip: When you arrive at Phoenix Ancient Town, you will be introduced to the sightseeing tour of the town on the boat down Da Giang river. Experiencing boat ride on Da Giang river is quite unsteady but it is worth it to try because not only can you see the beautiful scenery, visitors can also understand more about the life of people living near the river

Tourist location in  Phoenix Ancient Town

1. Da Giang River

Da Giang River  is the soul of Phoenix Ancient Town. Da Giang River flows through the ancient phoenix with a length of less than 1Km but gives this place an extremely poetic scene with soft bends, such as the silk award points for the ancient phoenix.

Along the two banks of the river are old houses built thousands of years ago when memorized by 2 river banks, if we go to live along the river, we can see the scenery of local people living, washing and washing vegetables. Catching fish like the ancient martial arts movies that we often see.

2. North Gate Building

This city gate was built in the Ming Dynasty and has a history of about 600 years.

The North Gate was built from local red sand stone with elaborate carvings and decorations forming an archway covered with iron edges with rows of round studs. This castle gate has two layers of apricot with 4 holes on each side. The person standing on the city gate has a 180-degree view of the area outside the city. This northern city gate is connected to the western city gate by a covering wall and Da Giang river flowing in front of it. Therefore, the North Gate not only plays an important role in the military system to protect the city but also a flood control station of the Da Giang River. Although the North Gate, as well as other relics, suffered losses during the war, it still stands on the banks of the Da Giang River today. It also became the shooting place for many Chinese movies and dramas.

3. Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge

It is a floor lying across the river Da Giang, connecting the banks of Phoenix Ancient Town. The floor is designed with ancient Chinese architecture consisting of two floors, built with wooden material with characteristic curving roof and hanging red lanterns. A unique feature is that apart from the main stone bridge connecting the two banks of the river with four stone pillars, visitors can go on a smaller stone bridge directly leading to the second floor of Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge. It is the two stone bridges that are stacked on each other, creating special features in the architecture of the floor of Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge.

Visitors can sit boat down the line of Da Giang or look at Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge from the old town along the river. But the time of watching Hongqiao Wind and Rain Bridge is most ideal at night. Here, visitors can also enjoy the peaceful, peaceful atmosphere of the town, and you can also try Chinese-style dishes at the restaurant of the building.

4. Old Quarter at Phoenix Ancient Town

The most prominent of  Phoenix Ancient Town is the ancient architecture of the houses, and the houses were built along the Da Giang river, the houses were built 2 to 3 floors right next to the river and built san close to each other for visitors a quite beautiful and strange scene, in the evening the lights of the houses reflecting on the river create an enchanting scene, sparkling and fanciful.

5. Zhangjiajie National Nature Reserve

Traveling to the Phoenix Ancient Town cannot be ignored by Zhangjiajie. Zhangjiajie is located in the northwest of Hunan Province, China, in the middle of the emergent area of the plateau of Yunnan and Guizhou provinces and the low-lying area of Dong Dinh Lake. This has contributed to creating a beautiful fairyland, from mountains and charming rivers to poetic valleys and wild primeval forests. Especially, with majestic sandstone forest, this place is also called "Pandora on earth".

About 20 minutes drive from the central area of Zhangjiajie, this is a natural park, with more than 3,000 columns and cliffs, with 800m high pillars. Between the stone pillars are caves and ravines, streams, native trees, inhabited by many temperate climate and flora and fauna species. Here you seem to be lost in a place like not on earth with majestic sandstone rocks.

6. Tianmen Cave

Tianmen Cave is a large recess due to erosion of about 30 m between two peaks of Tianmen peak, which looks like a giant entrance on the cliff face.

The cave is located at an altitude of 1260 m above sea level with the height from the floor to the top of the cave is 131.5 m and the width is 50 m. This is a mysterious and majestic cave like the gate between the mortal world and the upper realm where the gods reside. To reach the Tianmen Cave, visitors will have to climb 999 stairs. In Chinese culture, number 9 is the largest single number and 999 means eternal, eternal. So visitors who climb all of these 999 stairs to reach Tianmen will be lucky. The most special highlight in Tianmen Cave is the beautiful scenery sunk between mist and cloudy clouds where many tourists think they are in paradise.

The road to heaven is quite dangerous with many bends and dead corners making it difficult for many drivers to experience dozens of years, this is the road that has been voted one of the most dangerous roads in the world.

7. Skywalk famous in China

Skywalk is a famous business road built on steep cliffs that challenges those who are afraid of heights, many people who look down may not walk their feet forward, a very interesting feeling and cannot be ignored when you come to Phoenix Ancient Town

Cuisine at Phoenix Ancient Town

1. Spicy fish hotpot

Spicy fish hotpot is a familiar specialty of  Phoenix Ancient Town. Fish are caught from the river of Da Giang right at the town and processed right after being picked up, so they still retain the sweet taste, very tough meat and fleshy.

The climate in Phoenix Ancient Town is cold, so the dishes here are almost spicy. Perhaps because this is a way to warm the belly of the people here. You can order more stir-fried vegetables to eat with the hotpot. In Phoenix Ancient Town, spicy fish hotpot will be served with white rice.

2. Noodles

Noodle in Phoenix Ancient Town is quite diverse with 3 main types of noodles: steamed noodles, wonton noodles and noodles. So when ordering, you have to name only noodles to make no mistake.

3. Pie

Traditional cake of Phoenix Ancient Town has the most quintessential features in Chinese cuisine with glutinous rice, various kinds of traditional traditions (Steamed cakes of all kinds, Sticky cakes, Petals and cakes, Fried cereal cakes, Shrimp cakes , Baked scrambled eggs, ...)

4. Rotten tofu

Normal tofu tofu is only soaked in salt water for 5-10 days, while Hunan tofu is incubated for up to 15 days. Due to the longer incubation period, this rotten tofu becomes fragrant and greasy.

Tofu is fried with tea tree oil on low heat, then add sesame oil and chili sauce. This is a dish at Phoenix Ancient Town which makes foreign tourists shy to enjoy but remember.

5. Stewed duck, sticky rice

Stewed duck stew, sticky rice is a unique dish not only famous in Tuong Tay but also in Phoenix Ancient Town. Probably because of the cold weather of the town, collapsed duck soup soup has become a favorite dish of diners.

Notes when traveling to  Phoenix Ancient Town

  • You should change the balance, the goal will not change back when you return. There are very few ATMs in Phoenix Ancient Town, and also do not accept credit cards when buying or eating food.
  • China does not use English, almost uses Mandarin, but if you do not know the language, you can use gestures to signal. Download the Pleco app (the Chinese dictionary is available to look up words, then show the native speakers instead of the description)
  • Download betternet to use facebook and viber, because in China block international network.

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